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Looking for off school activities for the children/ grandchildren?

Undertake a project that would benefit children here and in Uganda!!

If any of you wish to set up pen-pals with our children that would be wonderful. You can also have your children create support packs from things in your home to send out. Items such as:-

- old toys

-old clothes

- old bed sheets

- old lightweight shoes

- old lightweight books

- toothpaste/ toothbrush

- soap

- teabags

- drawings/ letters

- old bags for school

If you wish to have a profile of a child to write to and/or send packages to, please request by clicking on this link and emailing Or just add gender and age you wish to receive the package to your package.

Postal address: (keep packages under 3kg as cheaper to send more that weight than larger)

Write on the package the gender and age the package is appropriate for

One step at a time

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