UK Registered Charity No.1127562. Uganda NGO LDLG/11/2030       

   How do we help to engage the children

Sport is always a good way to help focus minds  

Dennis (shown in the picture on the left) shows his skills with a football donated from the UK. Dennis was captain of our very own OSAAT United team; playing other local teams in competition.

   Helping to keep children motivated

Keeping young minds busy is vital for well-being.  

Morris, Isaac, Gilbert and Ronald build a Meccano vehicle donated by one of our sponsors. None of the children had ever seen a building kit like this one before and were absolutely determined to complete it.

Why did we start the charity

   Why did we start the charity?

Food for the children living on the street came from this skip. They would wait for someone to empty their waste and then climb in and search for anything that could be eaten or sold.  If they are lucky enough to find scraps of meat on the floor of the market they will push them onto stick and cook over the flame.

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Issa And Moses

   The story of issa and moses

Issa and Moses are being cared for by their Auntie after recently losing both their mother and stepfather to AIDS. Both children came to the OSAAT centre to greet Sandra with a warm smile and a hug, yet under the smile there was a great sadness that both children were hiding.

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To Make A Difference - Lilly Auma's Story

   To make a difference - lilly auma’s story

Lilly is around 22 years old but when we found her begging in the market she appeared a very thin sick young girl. Her lips were cracked and white and her eyes bright red. We brought her to stay with us in our office in Uganda. After health checks we found her state to be seriouslyaffected by HIV.

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Linda's Journey into Uganda

   a journey into Uganda as a volunteer

In 2008 I met a wonderful woman called Sandra Murphy who touched me with her compassion for children and people suffering in Uganda.

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Francesca - Uganda

   Ambrose - the young carer

Ambrose is doing very well at school and is excelling in sign language. He is very bright, polite, shy boy.

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The Compassionate Heart of Sarah Lanyero

   The compassionate heart of Sarah Lanyero

At just 18 years old Sarah has lived a life that many of us thankfully could never imagine.  Her life story although one filled with immense sadness and trauma is an inspiration.

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