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Location: Eastern Africa, west of Kenya

Geographic coordinates: 1 00 N, 32 00 E

Area: total: 236,040 sq km , land: 199,710 sq km, water: 36,330 sq km

Land boundaries: total: 2,698 km

Border countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo 765 km, Kenya 933 km, Rwanda 169 km, Sudan 435 km, Tanzania 396 km

Climate: tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semiarid in northeast

Terrain: mostly plateau with rim of mountains

Natural resources:mcopper, cobalt, hydropower, limestone, salt, arable land

Land use: arable land: 25.88%, permanent crops: 10.65%, other: 63.47% (2001), Irrigated land: 90 sq km (1998 est.)