UK Registered Charity No.1127562. Uganda NGO LDLG/11/2030       

Issa and Moses are being cared for by their Auntie after recently losing both their mother and stepfather to AIDS. Both children came to the OSAAT centre to greet Sandra with a warm smile and a hug, yet under the smile there was a great sadness that both children were hiding.

The Auntie caring for Issa and Moses has also taken on their half sister. She herself is HIV and had just recently nursed and lost her husband to AIDS too.

This family are struggling with the help also of Joshua who is not a blood relative but an only an inlaw. Together they are trying to ensure the future of these children.

Joshua is an ex street child who was supported buy One Step at a Time. During a meeting he told OSAAT that he would be able to support the family by making shoes from old tyres. Donations given to Linda from Cherry and Deidre were given to Joshua to enable him to buy stock so that he can make shoes to provide food and accommodation.

Issa and Moses have been sharing one sponsorship. Due to an uncertain future Linda felt that by funding Moses and giving both children individual sponsorships OSAAT could ensure that what ever happens these children can go to school and get an education which will hopefully secure their future.

 A big thank you from this family for supporting their future.

Issa and Moses