UK Registered Charity No.1127562. Uganda NGO LDLG/11/2030       

+ Support and facilitate the re-integration process of street children with their families

+ Provide social support to vulnerable children, women and families so they can live a sustainable life.

+ Provide functional skills to different vulnerable groups

+ Support our target groups through sponsorship or donation to enable them to access formal education, vocational or life skills. 

+ Identify the individual needs of the vulnerable children and families in the local community.

+ Provide food, clothing, basic shelter and a safe house where people care.

+ Enable children to escape poverty by offering the opportunity to access formal education, vocational and life skills.

+ Support children in finding family members that they may have lost contact with during displacement.

+ Provide vulnerable children and their families with emotional support and counselling.

+ Promote positive attitudes within the local community towards the vulnerable people we are supporting

The aims of one step at a time

Our objectives