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OSAAT Football Team News



The Osaat football team is going from strength to strength which is amazing since most of these boys are from one of the poorest areas of Lira called Baragole. Many collected scrap metal and plastic bottles just to eat when they were children, they know what hunger and poverty are.  From traumas are some benefits, these boys have something tough that doesn't exist in many. When the chips are down they pull out all the stops.

Over the weekend  five of our boys were selected to play for the Northern Region in Under 17s team. Four of those players were selected to join the National Uganda team  (Cranes) under 17s from where they can move on to play for the National Team. The North won in Lira town and have got prize money of £1,200.00 of which which 70% will be to benefit the boys.

The Commissioner of Sport for Uganda who is on the Executive Board of Uganda FUFA called us direct asking to meet us. He was amazed at the talent in this new team OSAAT and offered his help to support, advise and strengthen us and he topped it with a gift of five Adidas footballs ……. the first support we have ever received from any top organisation in this country.

It is so great to see these children moving out of poverty into something very different with new found trust and confidence. We may yet see an Osaat team player for a UK team.

If anyone has any football kit they would like to donate and courier over please do get in touch..