UK Registered Charity No.1127562. Uganda NGO LDLG/11/2030       


Name of Child:           Ocen David

David sponsor is Carolyn Norman and her family. Carolyn is the administrator for

One Step at a Time and since working for us has been touched by the lives of the

children and the work we do. Davids mum has been facilitated in a business of cooking

goats hooves which people really enjoy in Lira and her business is feeding her children.

The family have been supported in some domestic issues following the death of her

husband and that is progressing in her favour. David is a lively boy but incredibly bright.

He is excited about starting nursery at the end of January.

Name of Child:           Oyela Gloria

Gloria has a joint sponsorship by Tina Papworth, Emma Hemmings Kneller and Helen

Palmer Smith. Glorias mum has been supported in a business

of making millet porridge and selling by the cup. It started slowly but she is now

getting more customers. She and her children also collect plastic bottles to sell on

to others to add to their income.

Gloria is also getting excited as she is preparing to go to school in a few weeks.

Name of Child:           Ageno Daniel

Daniel is now off of the streets and is living happily back with his aunty  The whole

family is feeling settled thanks to the Goate family are now sponsoring him.

Aunty has been facilitated in a small business selling potatoes beans, flour and

other food items in the local market.

Daniel cannot believe that he will be going to school in January.