UK Registered Charity No.1127562. Uganda NGO LDLG/11/2030       



Welcome to One Step at a Time’s 100 Club – a great way for you to support the work that we do in Uganda whilst having a bit of a flutter! This is how it works…

As one of our supporters we ask you to spend just £2 a month on a draw ticket.

You will be allocated a unique number which will be entered into a series of Prize Draws.

Numbers will be drawn every 3 months at one of our regular fundraising events or at one of the meetings of the Trustees.

To enter you must be aged 16 or over. You may buy as many tickets as you like.

Half the proceeds of the draw will be given out in prizes, with the other half going to OSAAT. Initially, membership will be limited to 100 members, so by joining the Club and paying £24 a year, you will be helping to raise £1,200 for the charity.

There will be 4 Prize Draws a year and at each draw three lucky winners receive a cash prize.

The first will receive £100, the second £80 and the third £60.

In addition, there will be a bonus prize of £240 which will be drawn once a year, in time for Christmas.

The amount of money given out in prizes will never exceed 50% of the money received, so until the Club is full, with 100 members, the prizes given out will be proportional to the number of members.

Details of how to join are given on the application form below, which you can download as a pdf here and winners will be posted on our website.